Industrializing Next Generation Therapies: Resource Optimization & Customer Experience

On-demand | Duration: 60 minutes

Cell and gene therapies have had a tremendous effect on the treatment of previously incurable diseases. Many products are already on the road to commercialization.

However, scaling complex manufacturing operations is still a challenge and managing multiple concurrent workstreams is onerous and very manual. Each therapeutic developer needs to manage multiple factors/resources internally and externally to deliver a great customer and patient experience.

Watch our panel of experts discuss key challenges in industrial manufacturing, supply chain management, patient operations and order fulfilment. The panel of industry leaders also shares insights from their own experiences.


This webinar was made in partnership with Phacilitate.

What to expect

  1. Current state of industrial standard: how do companies manage complex internal and external operations?
  2. Scheduling: what are the key challenges and processes for scheduling and re-scheduling batch manufacturing?
  3. Slot allocation: minimizing impact on planned activities and how to manage exceptions/conflicts
  4. Connected processes: challenges in managing a process that requires technical ops, QC, QA, facilities and other teams to be in-sync for manufacturing and releasing each batch
  5. Optimization: how can we optimize this complex process? What lessons have the panel learnt?
  6. The panel answers audience questions with an interactive Q&A.

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