Duration: 30 minutes

LIMS are invaluable for analytical labs to keep track of received samples, and get an overview of what works needs to be done and validate results.

However, there’s a missing link: in order to optimize your service levels & utilization, you constantly have to make sure that the right people and instruments are scheduled at the right time. You also need to optimize the campaigning of samples to increase efficiency.

Key takeaways

1The advantages of using a digital schedule board versus the LIMS worklist: on-time KPI (committed) vs FIFO (uncommitted)

2How automated campaigning according to your business rules optimizes utilization and decreases planning effort

3How the digital schedule board works & how schedulers typically interact with it

4How to optimize and dashboard equipment & analyst utilization, service level, value-added time...

5Our zero- coding approach to connecting LIMS with BINOCS

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