November 29, 2018

r&d schedule

Business context

We are an R&D team of scientists that perform experiments in cell culture processing.

It is important that the experiment schedule is accurate and that the scientists (mostly in teams of 2) are available at the right timeslots. Bioreactors and downstream equipment is limited in capacity. This is an extra challenge to ensure that both the scientists and the equipment are correctly scheduled.

Binocs ensures that both the scientists and the equipment are correctly scheduled.


Improvement potential

Scientists lose a lot of time with the initial planning and preparation of the experiments. Also during the execution, constant coordination is required to keep all activities aligned. As scientists we have a full schedule, so anything that helps to reduce the planning and coordination work was welcome.

cell culture equipment

How did Binocs help plan scientists and equipment for cell cultures R&D team?

First of all, we got rid of a lot of Excel sheets that were hanging around. We have now one source of demand that contains the level of detail and metadata that we need to run the experiments.

But we kept one Excel, which was needed to have a general overview of the next weeks’ activities to discuss in our staff meeting. The only difference is that Excel is now connected to Binocs. Same process, same meeting but with automatic and better data.

With Binocs all scientists track their activity progress. We get instant insights no matter where we are because Binocs is a cloud application.

cell culture scientists

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